Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

From my position as Chairman of the 5th BBBB Conference, which will be held in Athens on 26-28 September 2013, it is my pleasure to invite you all to Athens.

The 2013 BBBB Conference will offer a more global scientific program, in order to attract scientists from all fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Accordingly, two parallel congresses will run simultaneously. The first will focus on the various aspects of Drug Discovery and Formulation strategies, while the second will be devoted to a large number of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic topics as well as biotechnological drugs. As you can see, eminent world-wide scientists are listed among the confirmed speakers. In order to guarantee the quality of future research and new practical applications, a dialogue between experienced colleagues, young scientists and professionals will be encouraged.

Also, we are planning to organize a post-congress tour for those who wish to participate.

I invite you all to spend a few days in Athens and Pireaus and share your knowledge with high-level scientists from all over the world.

Professor Panos Macheras
School of Pharmacy, University of Athens
5th BBBB Conference Chair

Organizing Institution